Through the most tragic of situations, a miracle can occur. Like a rose blossoming from the rubble of an urban setting, Juliana Whitney understands all too well how to persevere in the most difficult of scenarios. In her case, only to end up a beacon of hope for so many others. An adoption can be a heartbreaking and unimaginable experience for many children. For Juliana Whitney, however, being adopted was her catalyst to becoming a guiding light of inspiration for so many girls in her shoes.

Feelings of not good enough or “less than” can be a debilitating emotion that can render harm far beyond a physical wound. For Juliana, this difficult situation bloomed into a business that has helped so many in her situation. That Adopted Girl, Inc. was founded in December of 2014 as a 501c3. “Our goal is to help adopted kids and foster kids learn about their self-worth and life lessons. More than anything, I want to create happy childhood experiences,” said Whitney.

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